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Okay, so you've got a kickass offer right!? But for some reason, nobody is buying it, you can't seem to get traction with your audience. You're just not connecting. I know it seems as easy as coming up with a logo and sharing workout videos on Instagram but it's not. You need to have a brand that resonates with your audience in order to really connect.

& you need to STAND OUT

Your space is competitive as heck, 

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Spend less time in the trenches of a website build and just get that sh*t done! Website in a Week is your shortcut to a fully customised website in just a fraction of the time (and cost) of a custom website. Start from one of our templates or bring your own.

Website In
A Week

1 week + $2.4K usd


Let's convert those visitors to customers and grab their attention as soon as they enter your world. We focus on creating a simple user experience that guides your users to buy. It's not all about design here, web design is all about the experience.

Website Design

6-8 weeks + from $4K USD


  • brand strategy workshop
  • primary logo, secondary logo + submarks
  • color palette
  • font selection
  • illustrations/patterns
  • brand strategy & style guide
  • social media launch graphics

Brand Strategy
& Design

You'll leave with:

Work with us

ways that you can

Design that is built on strategy and crafted to connect. Our approach is a collaborative effort to build a comprehensive brand identity that connects with your audience and has you stand out from all the noise in the industry.

4-6 weeks + from $2.5K USD

  • design of all relevant pages
  • ecommerce integration
  • blog integration
  • library of tutorial videos
  • 2 weeks of support after launching

You'll leave with:

You'll leave with:

are you ready?

If you're looking for more than just a business associate, more like a biz bestie that just so happens to be great at making brands, but also has 22 tabs open in 4 different browser windows... but like, in a cute way.

If you love talking about yourself, your biz and the difference you make and you're ready to get some lakers girl level cheering by yours truly.

If you're sick of looking at your tired old brand, and too embarrassed to send that potential client to your website.

scrunch bums
& squats...

we'll go together like 

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Pop the bottle!! The hard work is done. Now, all you need to do is to start using your brand consistently to drive that brand recognition home.



We want to make sure your audience feels the way we want them to feel at every touchpoint. This might involve developing social media templates, print collateral and whatever else you need!



Digging in! We begin with a strategy workshop and some research to draw out your special sauce, in order to develop your unique brand strategy, visual identity and website that will stand out.

make magic


Disco call, that is. Before we even start dreaming up your project, we need to make sure we're a good fit! Once we hit it off, we'll send through a proposal with project options for you to approve.

let's disco


How it all goes down


Brand & Web Design

Lauren Harken
Health & Wellness

Brand & Web Design

Strength & Wellness
by Lauren Duce

brand & web design

Kayla Lee Physio

Brand Design


Brand strategy, design & web design

Medium in
the Middle

brand & web design

the portfolio

peek at

AWPT & Kayla Lee Physio

- Kayla lee

“I was feeling so lost with the direction of my business and my brand and you just put it all together so cohesively!"

Health & Wellness Coach

- Nina Silic

“She just gets it! I felt like she knew more about what I wanted from my brand than I did. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience!"


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Did you know that a well-designed website can increase conversion by up to 200%? 

A stunning website will completely transform the way that you show up in your business. We're talkin' the confidence of walking back to the group after you bowl a strike... I know that you know what I'm talking about. On the flipside, a crap-bucket of a website will leave you too embarrassed to even send that link to a potential client. 

Get started with one of our Showit Templates today and start showing up like the badass business babe that you truly are!!!

first time mum

lifter of heavy things

average mountain biker

turned designer

fitness coach

founder ✭ strategist ✭ designer

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I know we haven't met yet, but I'm already SO crazy about you and the huge impact that you make in the world. I can't wait to help you take your business up a notch so you can scale and grow that sh*t!

Your dream clients are waiting... so let's get this thing going!

Frequently asked Q's

Sorry, but all of my branding projects start with strategy and include a full brand identity (logo suite, colour palette, typography, patterns/illustrations, etc). Your brand is the gut feeling your audience gets when they interact with your business, and it takes way more than just a logo to influence that gut feeling.

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Strategy is the foundation of business. It is like setting up your core foundation for training. You can absolutely squat heavy without building your core first, but your progress will be slow, and you're probs gonna hurt your back. Building your strategy first, allows you to progress quicker and without the f ups. It gives you clarity around your goals and all of the tools to achieve them.

Absolutely! Most of my clients like to split up their projects into 3 monthly payments, but I can accommodate your needs throughout our project timeline.

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I design on WordPress, SquareSpace, ShowIt and Shopify. Each one has it’s perks and purpose, but I like to discuss my clients needs prior to recommending one that best suits their business.

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Every project is as unique as each one of my clients. That is why I would love to jump on a discovery call with you first to understand your goals and project, to give you an accurate quote. To give you a rough idea, most of my clients invest somewhere between $5-12K USD with a few projects on either side.

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I would be so excited to hear from you! You can fill out my client application just above and I will get back to you within 1-3 days with a link to book a discovery call.

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