I get it, your market is saturated. Heck! Every market is saturated, but that doesn't mean you can't stand out. Think about your favourite brand. Why do you love them so much? I bet you feel like they speak right to you, they listen to you. Maybe they shared your sense of humor or give back to a cause you're passionate about. Successful brands connect, they know their audience and that is what makes them different.

When we’re done, you will know your audience better than they know themselves and you will understand how to connect with them in a way that will keep coming back for more. I will help you build a community of loyal clients that you love working with.

Personal Trainer turned Brand & Web Designer

I'm Ceara 

Working all the hours and taking on pretty much anyone. Hold on, I'm on stand by for the burn out.

sound familiar?

I've been in the design game for a while now, but before I made it here, I was a personal trainer. And I started the same way you did; I slapped together a logo, registered my biz name and took any client that would have me. I tell you what, if I could do it over again, I'd skip the 5-9am & 5-9pm schedule and I'd work with only the clients that light me up.

But hey, hindsight... right?

I'm here to help you learn from my mistake. I don't want you to burn out, I want you to LOVE every client that you get to work with, because what you do, freaking matters!!

The strategic brands that we build here at Wild Cove Creative are designed with your unique customer in mind. Every aspect is built with the intent to attract and connect with them so that you can build a community of loyal customers that you are OBSESSED with.

We're here to help you make that dream a reality.

Running your own business should be a dream come true, not your waking nightmare. You’re not showing up confidently in your business and I can guess why that might be the case…

…let me guess, you’ve got yourself a quick canva logo (or maybe you forked out the $50 on upwork), that you didn’t 100% love or connect with, but figured it was good enough to start. Then threw together a quick website on wix (ew, sorry but not really) that actually took you way longer than you thought and also looks nothing like you envisioned it would. So now you’re embarrassed to even send anyone to your website or hand out a business card in case that cheap logo and jenky ass website make them run for the hills. Is this feeling a little too close to home?

Well, imagine if you had a brand and website that was designed specifically to connect with and attract your dream clients. You know, the ones you could work with every day and they just light you up. Not only that, but they pay you the big bucks so that instead of working 60+ hrs per week, you only work 20 (or like 5…. Am i right?). Now you have a brand and website that you feel confident AF in, and you plaster that sh*t all over your socials, you send it out everywhere and heck, it actually converts your online visitors to paying clients.

Now wouldn’t that just be a dream!?

We're here to help you build a brand that attracts the clients you are OBSESSED with.

that's what we're here for

AWPT & Kayla Lee Physio

- Kayla lee 

The vision for my business and brand and it's future is so much more clear now! Since our work together, I have more structure and continuity. More recognition and a stronger sense of brand and community! I absolutely loved working with Ceara, not just professionally but feel like I also make a new friend and feel super comfortable and safe with my branding in her hands.

“I was feeling so lost with the direction of my business and my brand and you just put it all together so cohesively!"

Mindset Coach

- Trish tutton 

I'm obsessed. I love the professional feel and have gotten comments that it feels like magic and embodies the warmth, calm and professionalism that it is to work with me. Hiring Ceara left the design to a professional, giving me time to work on what I do the best!

I loved the questions she asked that provoked me to think deeper about my clients.

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We provide a branding process that always starts with strategy. Our collaborative process is focused on the people you serve, and building a brand and website that they will be obsessed with.

Build a brand that's memorable.

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The course that will take your health and wellness business to the next level, without the expense of outsourcing. This course is designed specifically for business owners like you, who want to create a unique brand that resonates with your dream client.

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South West Aus


G'day, hola, hi! I started my design career back in 2017 after wrapping up my personal training career and fleeing the country for Canada (one too many bad dates, am I right?). Since then, it's been a whirlwind of logos, colours, fonts and websites, and I cannot believe how fast the last few years have gone by.

I'm now running my biz with my little boy in tow, and not just designing, but also educating! I consider myself pretty freakin' lucky to do what I do, for the people I do it for. So, thanks in advance for being one of the women helping me live my best life.

strategist, designer & coffee-fueled mama

the founder

Ceara Maguire

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